Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

It's that time of year again.  Part of me says thank goodness this year is over and part of me is sad to see it go.  Then there's the biggest part of me that really just doesn't care either way.  That is definitely the dominant part.  Nevertheless, as I have been horrible at blogging lately, this is the perfect opportunity to compose a blog post that will hopefully entertain, enlighten and perhaps cause a few tears to be shed.  Haha, not really, but that was quite dramatic!  And now I shall commence with the discussing of me and my year, as that is what is truly important tonight.  :) 

Highlights of 2012
  • Moving closer to my family.
  • Every single moment in Paris, even the ones I didn't absolutely love because hello, it was Paris! (Except for the one lowlight, see below.)  I can't pass this one by without mentioning a few specifics:
    • Sharing the experience with my family.
    • Seeing works of art that brought tears to my eyes and are some of the clearest examples of the influence of the Divine that I have ever seen.  It never ceases to amaze me how the arts can be such a spiritual experience.  
    • Pastries!  Glorious, glorious pastries!
  • Weekends spent in Wyoming.  
  • The fact that the moments where I felt like all was right in the world far outnumbered the moments where I felt like everything was wrong.
  • My daily email and text conversations with Traci, who saved my sanity many, many times.
  • My apartment and the solitude, serenity and pants-free environment that it offers.
  • Antagonizing people on Facebook for sport during the election season.  I really felt like it was the only way to make those few months before the election bearable.  If any of those people are now reading this, I apologize if you were really and truly offended.
  • Temporarily living with BFF Amber after I moved back to Utah. 
  • Discovering Homeland, Misfits, Iwan Rheon, Harlan Coben and Lee Child. 
  • Taking my client that had cancer for a CT scan a few weeks ago and finding out that there is no sign whatsoever of cancer!

Lowlights of 2012
  • The whole Wyoming exodus.  Leaving my friends and clients was heartbreaking and many tears were shed.  Then there was the whole having to give my dog back to the shelter drama.  I still can't speak of it. 
  • Moving three times in one year.  I don't want to move again any time soon.  As I wrote that I felt like I was jinxing it and condemning myself to move again in 2013.  Nooooooo!!!!!!
  • Having my car stolen.  I still can't quite believe it actually happened.
  • The slight (meaning major) nervous breakdown I had early in October.  It was the perfect storm of events and circumstances that caused me to question every single thing in my life; not eat, sleep or bathe for a while; and watch an excessive number of episodes of Roseanne.  Very glad that it's over and that there were people around that I could lean on for support.  On the other hand, it was this event that led me to make my plans for Dublin and London because I needed something to look forward to, so I can't complain too much!
  • Being in Paris and having massive blood blisters on the bottoms of my feet that caused excruciating pain with every step I took.  I had to pad and tape my feet every day, but then it would all just come off with all the walking around.  :(  
  • My client being diagnosed with cancer and the subsequent treatment.  Taking her to radiation every single day for weeks on end was definitely one of the lowest of the low moments of the year.  And I wasn't even the one with cancer! 
I know I'm forgetting many things but these are the things that immediately came to mind.  There were so many other awesome events, people and moments throughout the year and also several other really crappy moments, but all in all, I consider 2012 to be a success.  I have learned much and experienced much and I am ending the year feeling more content and secure with myself and my life than ever before.  Thanks for reading and being part of my journey!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Can you believe it's almost Christmas?

  • I swear Christmas sneaks up on me quicker and quicker each year.
  • Still no Christmas decorations-at this late date, there's no point.
  • I've been crazy busy trying to get all the Christmas shopping done for my clients.  It's been fun spending someone's money other than my own, but it's been a little stressful trying to buy things for people who really don't need anything.  Most of their wants are simple, too.  One of my clients is perfectly satisfied with balloons to blow up, another with pens and paper to scribble on.  Their bank accounts can't have over a certain amount of money in them at the end of the month, so I'm usually pretty up to date on replacing worn out clothes and belongings.  This has not made Christmas shopping very easy.  I'm just about done, though.  Hooray!  
  • I'm planning on working Christmas morning this year.  I want to make sure my staff, some of whom have children, are able to spend the time with their families.  I spent Thanksgiving with mine and we won't have kids around for Christmas this year, so hopefully it won't be a problem to open gifts later in the day.  
  • My friend, Taryn, came down from Wyoming to visit for the weekend.  We had lots of fun and lots of good chats.  It was kind of nice to have someone around to hang out with and talk to.  I guess on occasion I do miss having a roommate.  On the other hand, if I had a roommate, I would have to start wearing pants.  That might be a dealbreaker.
  • I am obsessed with Mojito-flavored Crystal Light.  It's perfection in a glass.  You should try it.
  • I finally had a cortisone injection in my gimpy elbow and now it feels great!  It doesn't sound like it would be, but this is very exciting!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works for a while. 
I feel like this was possibly the least interesting set of bullet points that I have done.  I gotta get back on the ball here!  Side note-did you see the monkey in the coat that was wandering around Ikea?  I want to cuddle him.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogger's Block

I have been in a major writing mood lately, but I can't seem to come up with anything to write about.  Nothing is leaping out of my mind and onto the computer screen.  Or at least nothing that is at all interesting.  I could go back to doing the Table Topics cards, but I'm not sure where they are.  Hmmm . . . what to do?!?  I guess if all else fails, post pictures!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

weekly wrap-up

There wasn't much that entertained me (and that was appropriate to post somewhere where my family will see it) this last week or two, so I threw in some oldies as well.