Thursday, January 31, 2013

worst blog post ever

Sorry for the absence, folks!  I've been spending all of my time fixing other people's lives and ignoring my own.  I keep trying to come up with another sentence to follow that one, but nothing is working (other than this one, of course).  I'm drained and probably should not be blogging in this mood.  I keep typing things and erasing them, then retyping them, then re-erasing them.  You can't tell, but I just did it like seven more times after that last sentence.  I wish there were a way of setting my phone to block anyone who wants something from me.  It's strange, I was in a great mood yesterday, but I guess the stress of the last month or so has finally settled in.  Thank heavens it's almost the weekend.  I plan on hibernating.  I'm going to ignore my phone, Facebook, email* and especially anything work related.  And I'm going to make a cake and eat the whole thing.  And then I'm going to make another one and eat that too.

*Unless it's you, Traci, since you have been my saving grace, especially the last few days and my day isn't complete unless we have emailed each other back and forth 76 times.