Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I can't stay quiet about this

When I went (unwillingly) to the Relief Society Christmas party last week, I found myself mesmerized not by the food or the music or by the Christmas spirit. No, I was mesmerized by my friend, Emily's boobs. I couldn't stop looking. They were magnificent. I wondered for a moment if she had had some kind of surgical enhancement; it turns out she was just wearing this bra*. I am now also wearing said bra and I have to say, the girls have never looked better. I've spent all evening looking down or in a mirror. And I'm pretty sure my mom is sick of me asking her how my boobs look. Don't be scared off by the fact that it's a Lane Bryant bra, because Em is like a size 5. If she can wear a Lane Bryant bra, so can you. If you have boobs, you need this bra. And they're buy one, get one half off right now, so hurry and buy a couple. You will not be sorry. I was very tempted to take a picture to illustrate this post with, but I held back. For that, I'm sure you are all grateful!

And yes, I did come out of my self-imposed blogger exile to talk about a bra. What of it? If you could see my boobs right now, you would understand. Oh, and while I'm breaking my vow of silence, I would also like to add that I correctly predicted the order in which all top six dancers on SYTYCD were kicked off.

*Any of the plunge style bras will do, it doesn't have to be the smooth plunge bra.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We were on a break!

I'm taking a little break from blogging for the next few weeks. I'm trying to finish up with classes, take finals, survive the holidays, etc. So . . . hope everyone has a great Christmas, and I'll be back in the new year*!

*Unless there's something I just can't bring myself to stay silent about before then.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I made broth with the leftover turkey carcass today and used part of it to make Turkey Pho for dinner. It was tasty. I love being able to add my own toppings to stuff. And I had a great time charring the ginger and shallots. I'm not entirely sure I did it correctly, but the pyro in me definitely enjoyed it. (You can read how to do it here.) I also had some pomegranates and persimmons that needed using, so I made this Kale, Pomegranate and Persimmon salad. Except Harmon's was out of kale, so I used spinach. This salad was sooooo good! I highly recommend it. For the dressing I used sesame oil and added peanut butter.

Enough already!

OH. MY. GOSH. If I have to hear one more thing about Tiger Woods, I'm going to scream. How is an athlete/celebrity cheating on his wife news anymore? I DO NOT CARE! Move on already!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday traditions

I feel like my family should have some sort of holiday tradition. The only thing that is guaranteed to happen is having ham, broccoli casserole and funeral potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner. We don't read from the Bible. We don't even really do stockings anymore. We do switch around baby Jesus's. (Jesuses? Jesi?) Let me explain. My mom collects nativities and my aunt always moves around the baby Jesus pieces so that they're in a different nativity than the one they belong in. Mark keeps up the tradition on the years when she's not here. She will also occasionally gather all of them up together and proudly show off her handful of little baby Jesus's, much in the spirit of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." So pretty much our Christmases consist of gluttony and borderline blasphemy. Possibly not in the spirit of the season.

So does anyone have any special family traditions that they really enjoy? It needs to be something easy and that will entertain sarcastic and/or jaded adults. It also needs to be something that someone who uses a walker and is legally blind can participate in, so nothing like going to see the lights at Temple Square. Perhaps this is why we don't do anything.

surgery update

So I finally had the surgery last Wednesday morning, right in time for Thanksgiving. What fun! It went well, and they did find endometriosis and burned away the lesions. I even have pictures, although I don't know what any of it is. There is an organ in one of the pictures that I'm pretty sure comes with the turkey giblets, but that was all I recognized. I actually felt pretty good after it and I even cooked most of the Thanksgiving dinner the next day. I started feeling crappy on Sunday though, and on Monday had some blood work done to make sure there wasn't an infection, and also had a CT scan to make sure I didn't have any blood clots. Fortunately, everything looked o.k. and I feel much better today. I do feel slightly sick at the thought of the bill for yet another CT scan, but better safe than sorry, I guess.

I think what I have learned from this whole experience is that I need to take better care of myself. Not that anything could prevent cysts and endometriosis, but all the same, I would rather prevent anything from happening than deal with it if it does happen. So . . . I started doing yoga again today! I really like it and there are even full length (like 40+ minutes) on YouTube. If I stick with it (keep in mind that I have stick-with-it-issues), there are several studios around and I may consider getting a membership. But again, the odds of me sticking with anything are slim to none, so take this all with a grain of salt. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD (definitely not the H part, though!) because seriously, very few things hold my attention for very long. I can't even read one book at a time, I have to have three or four going. But anyway, that's not the point of this post, so I'll be done now.