Monday, January 11, 2010

Miley Cyrus and Felicity

The new semester started last week and instead of being productive and studying (yawn), I watched all four seasons of Felicity on DVD. You may think this is a bad thing, but it actually turned out to be really good. I've been feeling slightly depressed about school because it just seems never ending and all of my stores of motivation ran out about a year and a half ago. Basically, I'm over it. But watching Felicity totally re-motivated me because Felicity managed to do well in all her classes and finish in a normal amount of time, despite the fact that she had to deal with Ben/Noel drama, Noel/Hannah drama, pre-med/art drama, crazy Wiccan roommate drama, Ben/baby mama drama, being caught in a fire, plagiarizing a paper, Ben constantly getting into fights, etc. So . . . last night at like 1 am, when I was tossing and turning and singing, alternately, the Felicity theme song and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind Part II", I decided that I can do this. I can suck it up, be an adult, finish school, and move on. So this morning I put on "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus to get myself all psyched up, and I went and made an appointment to apply for graduation and (this is the most exciting thing) got permission to substitute my Neuroscience research experience for the Capstone class for my major. That doesn't sound hugely exciting, but it is because that was the only class I was going to have left after this semester, but now, since I don't have to take it anymore . . . wait for it . . . I'M GOING TO BE DONE IN APRIL!!!!! Now I don't know if I'll actually be able to graduate in April because I think the deadline for that is long gone, so it might still be August, but still . . . no more classes after April. The countdown has officially begun!

Oh, and if I should suffer a nervous breakdown from taking 18 credits, working, and trying to survive without Glee, then I'm placing full blame on Miley. I would blame Felicity, but she's not real and all, so yeah.

Oh, and I recently went vegan and have already lost 5 pounds. Yay me!

2010 is seriously going to be the best year ever. Mark my words.

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Traci said...

2010 WILL BE YOUR YEAR! You rock! I'm so excited for you. The end is in sight!

I think I gained 5 pounds in the last week...maybe I should check out the vegan thing. ;)