Saturday, February 6, 2010

nothing exciting to report

Nothing really blog worthy has been going on. Life is dull, which is probably a good thing. Here are some tidbits:
  • Went to see When in Rome, despite the fact that the critics hated it, and I actually enjoyed it. It was cute and had some funny moments.
  • My latest viewing obsession is all of those PBS/BBC "House" shows. Frontier House, 1940's House, etc. I've found that I don't like them so much when it's just one family. I like the drama and bickering of Manor House, Regency House Party and Frontier House. I have yet to watch Colonial House, which I hear is pretty good.
  • My new favorite tv show is Kell on Earth. Kelly Cutrone is pretty much my idol.
  • I'm going to Georgia next month for my cousin's wedding. Should be fun.
  • The spring-like weather we've been having lately is making me very happy.
  • Veganism is going well. I'm quite enjoying it. I have much more energy and feel less sickly. (TMI, but when you go vegan, your poop doesn't stink.)
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Jon Stewart on The O'Reilly Factor. Actually, I enjoy whatever Jon Stewart does. He could just sit at the desk eating a sandwich and I would applaud. I thoroughly concur with, appreciate, and admire his mockery of Glenn Beck (and many others).
  • Am missing the little brother . . .

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