Saturday, June 5, 2010

several things . . .

  • I just got an ice cream maker and I'm obsessed with sorbet. I've just been making a simple syrup and blending it with fruit. I've done blackberry and cherry so far. Blackberry was better, but both were really good.
  • Dinner tonight was delicious-grilled veggies and shrimp. We did leeks, peppers, zucchini, squash and cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes were awesome.
  • Just watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It was cute and surprisingly funny.
  • I can't believe the season finale of Glee is this week. I hate it when there's a huge break in the middle of the season; it makes the second half seem ridiculously short.
  • Speaking of, in the last episode, when that horrible person, Jesse St. James, egged Rachel, I may have gotten a little teary. That was just taking mean to a new level.
  • I'm on a country music kick. I can't get enough of this song. Or this one.
  • These next couple of months before I move are going to kill me. I'm obsessing about it and time is just not moving fast enough.
  • I randomly went to Wyoming this week for a night. If ever you are going to be really sick or need medical attention, I would suggest that you do it at St. John's Medical Center in Jackson. It was the nicest hospital I have ever seen. No worries, though, I wasn't a patient, I was visiting a friend.
  • I'm giving up soda. Again.
  • I've been behaving completely out of character lately and spending time outside. And not only spending time outside, but actually enjoying the great outdoors. And by great outdoors, I mean sitting on the deck in our backyard. Baby steps.


Anonymous said...

Get use to the heat Kim and country music. You are going to the HEARTLAND of it all!!!!!!!! Erin

Traci said...

K. I was getting shocked when you said you were spending time outside...then I read you were sitting on the deck in your backyard. LOL. I SERIOUSLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD! That was hilarious. Good work, Kim.

Kim said...

Um . . . my deck is outside. It totally counts!!!