Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best crisp ever

I've been having appetite issues the last couple of weeks and have been having to force myself to actually eat.  It turns out the best way to lose a quick 15 pounds is to eat nothing.  Imagine that!  Anyway, since it's rare anymore that something sounds good, I jump on the opportunity to eat when something actually sounds appealing.  Today it was fruit crisp.  I love me some fruit crisp and consider myself a master in the art of fruit crispery, but today's batch put all the others to shame.  I'm trying really hard to just use what I have on hand, so I used frozen peach slices and a frozen berry mix.  I mixed them up with a little flour and sugar, then topped them with a mixture of yellow cake mix, oats and butter.  I've never tried cake mix in a crisp and it is amazingly good.  It may be my new go-to dessert recipe.  I suggest y'all try it!

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wch said...

where's the recipe for this fabulous crisp? my culinary skills require more than just throw this in with this and voila!