Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rear Window (AFI #42)

Going in order wasn't working, so I just decided to watch what I want to when I want to. Big shocker, I know!

Rear Window is the Hitchcock movie that scared me the most the first time I watched it. (Probably because I didn't see Psycho until many years later.) SPOILERS AHEAD!!! I think it was the whole knowing someone is coming, but being incapacitated so you can't do anything about it. That freaks me out-seeing the lights go off in the hallway and hearing the footsteps. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

Watching Rear Window this time, I was struck (and re-struck) by several things . . .
  • I love that it was a scary movie without all sorts of special effects.
  • Um . . . Grace Kelly is gorgeous.
  • If I turn into Miss Lonelyhearts and start having pretend dinners, please do something. I give you permission to send in the white coats.
  • I'm so used to seeing actors have smokin' bodies, that it was almost a shock to see Jimmy Stewart's old man body. It wasn't a bad thing necessarily, it was just a jolt to the system.
  • Is blog stalking and such the modern day equivalent of what Jimmy Stewart was doing?


Traci said...

I agree. I also noticed how "quiet" the movie was - no loud special effects, not much music - very quiet.

Grace Kelly was stunning.

And I TOO noticed Jimmy Stewart's body. Saggy, much? Just sayin.

Traci said...

But also - it was kind of refreshing to see a "real" body. I mean the majority of us are not running around with perfect abs. so. Kind of refreshing.

Kim said...

I agree-as much as I enjoy looking at chiseled abs and bulging biceps, that just creates unrealistic expectations and leads to disappointment. Same goes for women in movies today. Grace Kelly, while definitely slender, somehow managed to get by without breast implants. And she didn't have to bare her body to be considered attractive.

Andrea said...

I had to watch this for an intro to film class I took last semester, Loved it. It got me on an Alfred Hitchcock spree. He is the master of suspense