Monday, July 19, 2010

Reason #1 to watch Veronica Mars

These reasons are in no particular order, but this one is definitely near the top of my list. There's this character named Dick Casablancas and even just a look or one word from him makes me happy. He's hilarious or, more specifically, the dialogue on Veronica Mars is hilarious, especially when it comes from him. He's my Dad's favorite character too. I think we all cheer a little bit on the inside when he comes on screen.

One of my favorite Dick Casablancas (I have problems with not including his last name!) scenes. His fraternity is accused of raping women and he's asking Veronica for help proving they didn't do it.

And another video dedicated to the genius that is Dick Casablancas. My personal favorite moment comes at 2:22ish.

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