Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I love Star Valley

Yes, I know these could totally apply to a plethora of other locations, but I don't care. Leave me alone, I'm tired (see previous post)!!!
  • There are no traffic lights for miles.
  • There is no mail delivery-you have to have a PO Box. You would think this would be a negative, but I hate having to check the mail every day and I always worry that the postman is going to yell at me for letting the mail pile up, and I also worry about leaving important information out there for somebody to steal. If you have a PO Box, they don't care, and no one can steal your stuff.
  • My town has a population of 431 people. I guess it's actually 433 now. You know how I feel about large amounts of people, right?
  • Everywhere I go is within two blocks of my house. Since I moved here a month ago, I've only had to buy gas once.
  • I love it when the farmers have been cutting hay and then it rains. The smell is divine.
  • It's much more casual here. I barely wear make-up or do my hair anymore and I don't feel bad about that for even a second.
  • It's really easy to get to know people in a small town. There are only so many people to talk to.
  • Because it's so small and everyone knows everyone, there's always help available if you need anything. I was checking the oil in my car one time at the gas station and there was almost instantaneously a guy wanting to help me and then another lady was checking to make sure everything was o.k.
  • It's just plain gorgeous up here. At least every other day, if not every day, I think to myself, "Holy crap, I actually get to live here." I usually don't use the word crap, though.
  • For some reason, life is more calm here. Even when I'm working 80 hours a week, I still feel far less stress being here than in Utah.
  • You can leave your car running here when you run into the gas station and not worry that someone will steal it. I don't actually do this because I still have that "big city" mentality from living in Orem. :)
  • There are lots of cowboys here. Let's take a moment to picture in our minds the tight Wranglers. Yes, life is good here!
I guess to be fair, I should list the reasons why I don't like living here.
  • There's only one grocery store in town and it's small.
  • The cell service sucks at my house, so we had to get a landline. When they hooked it up they switched the lines with someone else in town and they still haven't fixed it, two days later. When Kylie's (whomever she may be) grandma called last night, Lorri had to explain to her that she needed to call our phone number instead of Kylie's. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, but according to Kylie's grandma, we shouldn't count on it.
  • Freakin' tourists! I've only been here a month and I'm already sick of them. Well, to be fair, I'm mostly just bothered by the ones that arrive by the busload. They descend on the gas station (I go to the gas station a lot for beverages), make a mess and then complain that the coffee isn't as good as Starbucks. Well no shit, Sherlock! You're in the middle of Wyoming . . . at a gas station. What do you expect?
  • If you want to buy clothes here your options are basically the Family Dollar or the consignment store. This should maybe go on the list of good things, considering my issues with shopping.
I'm sure as I live here longer (and spend a winter here), I'll find other things that bug me, but for right now, I'm loving it. Life is pretty darn good these days.

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Traci said...

i love that you are having such a great time. totally awesome.