Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I've been reminiscing . . .

My favorite picture of all time. My mom and the grandkiddos.

Neti pot!!!

One of too many nights of insanity at Ryan's.

Yard sale at Amber and Tyler's. Don't know whose van that was, or why we were documenting our (their) butts for posterity.

After we went tubing under the road. Our version of tubing included a giant piece of cardboard instead of an actual tube. And mud. And not bothering to actually put on swim suits.

Me and little Melissa. I'm not sure why she doesn't have a shirt on.

My birthday 2005, after a little cake fight.

Trying to force niece number one to take a "nice" picture with Aunt Kimmie. President's Day Weekend 2007.

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missy said...

That fist picture makes me laugh out loud EVERY time I see it.