Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moose Watch 2011

Here are the moose pictures from yesterday. These aren't the best pictures-the camera I was using wasn't that great. I haven't seen them around today, but word around town is that they're across the street and down a couple houses. Apparently people over there have a hay stack that the moose are eating from.

This picture was taken from my kitchen window. The two little ones were about ten feet away from me. You can also see the present they left for us in the yard.

Mama moose.

I was a little concerned about leaving to go to work because mama moose was pretty close to my back door. When I closed the door, all three of them jumped to their feet and I had to sprint to my car. They were actually probably scared and not wanting to come after me, but you never want to take a chance when it comes to a moose!


Betsy said...

HOLY COW! I mean, MOOSE!! That is amazing!!

Andrea said...

I would be terrified too! That Mama Moose looks like she means business