Thursday, February 9, 2012

For Meagan

My last roommate, Meagan, keeps bugging me about updating my blog, so here are some random pictures of our brief cohabitation from my phone:

This is the one bonfire we had in our backyard. We couldn't get it to start, so I whipped out some bacon grease to get it going. It actually worked fairly well. The picture taking did not:

My pasta salad that Meagan loves:

Her sweet dog, Vixen (and my dirty laundry):

There's a creek/crick/slough that runs through her parent's farm. The area where the cows live during the winter is right by the water, so when we saw something weird in the water later in the spring, we thought maybe a calf had fallen into the water and drowned as it was being born. Turns out it was just some paper.

A frightening number of cats live on the farm:

Meagan and her mom, who is one of the coolest ladies EVER:

Trying on hats at TJMaxx:

The puppy (named Veronica Mars) who Meagan convinced me to get. She only lasted a couple days before I gave her away. I am not a puppy person.


Anonymous said...

Wow I meant for you to write a blog telling me how great your life is-not horrible pics of me but I love it-lol!

Kim said...

I told you . . . nothing is new!!!