Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I find it irritating when . . .

  • I get really into a book only to find out it's part of a trilogy and the second book isn't even out yet.  
  • People post excessive amounts of political stuff to Facebook.  Facebook was designed for you to 1.) post pictures of yourself looking like a duck doing a kissey face, 2.) post cryptically worded status updates so people will ask you what you mean and if you're ok, and 3.) post completely useless information about yourself that no one cares about.  What?  You had a dream about an ice cream cone?  Sweet, let me go ahead and "like" your status because it's so relevant and meaningful.
  • You complain that I'm not giving you enough hours at work, but then you call out half of the time and when you are there, you spend your time on Facebook and Craigslist.  Browsing Craigslist for a hot @ss pounding does not equal working.  And yes, I check the browser history. 

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