Thursday, September 19, 2013

To do list

  • Stop saying no to everything.  Am I the only one whose immediate reaction to everything a child asks for is "no"?  I need to start looking for reasons to say "yes" instead.
  • Remember that I have a husband in addition to six kids.  Poor Tyler is not only on the the back burner these days, but he's on the back burner at some house down the road.  I saw him yesterday for about 10 minutes before he went to work and I was already in bed when he got home last night.  I did manage to wake up enough to ask him how his day was, but I have no idea what his answer was because I fell back asleep.  Maybe when harvest is over we'll be able to spend more time together.
  • Plan a birthday party for Ethan.  The little man of the house is turning 7 in two weeks.  I kind of want to do a Duck Dynasty-themed party.  He loves that show as much as I do, so we have mom-son bonding time while watching it.  Happy, happy, happy!  He also loves dinosaurs, though, so maybe a dinosaurs in camo party???  Hey, what about a dinosaur hunting party?!?  The kids can wear camo and "track" the dinosaurs.  I could make dinosaur tracks for them to follow or something.  Am I thinking too much about this?  Should we just have cake and ice cream and call it good?  Does every birthday party really have to have a theme and activities? 
  • Put sheets on the bed. I shouldn't be admitting to this because it just shows how lazy I am, but we've been sleeping on the mattress pad for three or four days now.  My reasoning is that when I took the sheets off to wash them, the dog got on the bed and now the mattress pad needs to be washed, but the dog gets on the bed every day, so if I wash the mattress pad now it'll just get dirty again, as will the clean sheets.  Yes, I realize how sad and pathetic my line of thinking is.
  • Get new bedding for the rabbits.  The mystery of the wheezing rabbit has been solved.  I put down extra bedding for them last night because it was supposed to be really cold over night, and Oreo was wheezing again this morning.  The last time he was wheezing new bedding had been put down too.  Apparently you aren't supposed to use cedar shavings for rabbits.  Good to know!
  • Do the dishes.  This item just permanently lives on my to do list.  The dishwasher is broken, so right now it's just being used as a very large dish drainer.  This means that everything has to be washed by hand and I swear the kids take a new cup every time they get something to drink.  We run out of kids' bowls and cups every single day.  I've tried having the kids help do the dishes but they just end up playing in the water for an hour.  I should probably put forth more effort to supervise them and teach them how to do the dishes properly, but I just don't care enough to do that. 


Megan said...

You are not the only one to automatically say no, I do it too. Also with the dishes, you can buy cheap colored cups and assign each child a color and that is theirs. They get to use it all day for drinks. Write names on them or whatever to help them remember who has which color and you will have a few less cups to wash at least! You are awesome! Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

I have trouble with the no thing too. what is funny is I was just thinking this the other day. I always say no before I really think about it. Kaylee asked me if we could go to fred meyer and before she could even finish telling me what for I was thinking how can I tell her no with a good reason. She wanted to go to fred meyers for me because she knew I wanted something from there and wanted me to get it for myself. So how horrible of me to even think no before I let her finish right? She was only thinking of me and I was already thinking of telling her no before letting her finish. Sigh, I have a lot to learn

Violet J. Flynn said...

I can sooo relate. We are raising six also, plus one who is already grown. Ages 3~23 years. I just want to say I love all your posts, you are funny, truthful, smart, crazy, and entertaining! Keep up the good work.