Monday, May 11, 2009

Can you handle it?

Remember that show Kids Incorporated from the 80s/early 90s? Remember how cool it was? Well, watching it now, it's not quite so cool as I remember. Check out the links below to watch a bunch of 9-15 year olds covering some of the classics. (Songs from 20 years ago can be classics, right?)

Here I Go Again (This song without Tawny Kitaen is just wrong.)
Faith (Notice how they change the first line to make it more child friendly.)
Physical (Now admittedly, when I first heard this song, I totally thought it was about exercising, but I was like 6. Where are the adults who work on this show?)
Smooth Criminal (20 plus years later, I still don't know who Annie is.)
Straight Up (Can you believe that's Fergie? Oh, how meth can age a person!)

Oh, and since we're reminiscing, remember this, this, this and this (I miss this show. It needs to be released on DVD.)?

Ahhh, memories!


Amber said...

Love Kids Inc. Physical is somehow much dirtier of a song when sung by a buck tooth 10 year old.

Kim said...

You're such a pedophile!