Saturday, October 24, 2009

road trip!

I'm in Vegas for the weekend, hanging out with my friend/former roommate, Traci. She has a two year-old boy and a brand new baby girl, so I decided to taunt her with my single, carefree lifestyle. I'm a good friend like that. I drove down Thursday morning and we went to "Couples Retreat" that night.

I thought it was pretty funny, although it would be nice to see Vince Vaughn play a different character. There may be slight variations, but it's pretty much the same guy in every movie. It also would have been nice to not have obnoxious teenage girls kicking my seat back and talking loudly throughout the movie, but that's beside the point. (If you see have seen the movie: the girls seriously had to sit and discuss whether the rabbit at the end was made of wood or chocolate. Yeah.)

Friday we went to heaven on earth, aka Sephora. I purchased many magical products, including this Tarte Treasure Chest set. It was far and away my favorite purchase and a great deal. I will probably devote a whole post to it and my other purchases later. And btw, this picture doesn't do it justice, size wise.

Today we saw "Whip It." It was pretty good, although I was expecting a little bit better. I really like Ellen Page, whom I prefer to just call Juno. I'm also really liking Kristen Wiig these days. Oh, and Marcia Gay Harden has really weird fingers. You will be distracted for forever more when you see them.

I've also baby-sat the nieces a couple times while I've been down here. Tonight, Ashley asked me why I don't have any kids. I told her it's because I don't have a husband, so when she said the prayer to bless the food, she said "and please bless that Kimmie can find a husband." How cute is that!

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Traci said...

I had a GREAT time this weekend, Kim! It was so fun.


1) Driving with the sunroof down. That felt like the good ole days.

2) Movies

3) "Chocolate bunny!!!!!"


5) I've officially learned the difference between a pot roast and an oven roast. Won't mess that up again....until next time. ;)

6) Getting Sephoraized. I always falter when you're here. I too got the "Treasure Chest". BTW - I'm proud that I just made up that word - Sephoraized. Proud.