Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday traditions

I feel like my family should have some sort of holiday tradition. The only thing that is guaranteed to happen is having ham, broccoli casserole and funeral potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner. We don't read from the Bible. We don't even really do stockings anymore. We do switch around baby Jesus's. (Jesuses? Jesi?) Let me explain. My mom collects nativities and my aunt always moves around the baby Jesus pieces so that they're in a different nativity than the one they belong in. Mark keeps up the tradition on the years when she's not here. She will also occasionally gather all of them up together and proudly show off her handful of little baby Jesus's, much in the spirit of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." So pretty much our Christmases consist of gluttony and borderline blasphemy. Possibly not in the spirit of the season.

So does anyone have any special family traditions that they really enjoy? It needs to be something easy and that will entertain sarcastic and/or jaded adults. It also needs to be something that someone who uses a walker and is legally blind can participate in, so nothing like going to see the lights at Temple Square. Perhaps this is why we don't do anything.

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Grandma Joan said...

Your family sounds fun! My husband is legally blind and we are grandparents. One of our favorite traditions is our in-house Christmas parade which occurs at Thanksgiving. Poppy has a collection of talking/singing Christmas characters -- in fact the collection grows every year because his friends always bring new ones! Anyway, we line up all the talking/singing stuffed characters and we "march" them one at a time to Poppy's den. The grandchildren love to make them all sing at the same time! It's wild and crazy, but fun for all of us!