Friday, May 14, 2010

my new obsession

The soundtrack to In the Heights is one of those albums where the first time I heard it, I wondered how it could possibly have been in existence without me knowing about it. I keep listening to it over and over again and I'm still amazed by it. Seriously . . . why have I just now found out about this music???


Cary said...

YAY! You got it from me, right? I saw it on Broadway and may see it again when I go to San Francisco at the end of the month. It's currently on tour...will be all over CA. Also, I heard in that they're making a movie.
What's your fave song?

Kim said...

Yes, I did get it from you-thank you!!! My favorite favorite is the Finale, and my other favorites are the other ones I posted. The whole thing is excellent, though. Have you heard Passing Strange? When I was looking up In the Heights, it compared the two musically.