Saturday, September 22, 2012

I need the following things ASAP

  • A way to eliminate all political posts from my Facebook feed. 
  • The willpower to walk into a cupcake store and buy just one cupcake.
  • Someone to help me decorate my apartment without spending any money.
  • More grapes.


Melissa Brown said...

I finally opened my reader after 2 months and I was so happy to see your blog again!!! Reading through your Paris recap was the BEST! Love it!

Kim said...

Glad you liked them-I need to go back and reread them. I usually did them at night and was so tired from the day that I don't really remember what I wrote.

Kim said...

O.k., I am now rereading the Paris posts and I just noticed that I totally stole your Justin Bieber line! I used it about the Louvre and I think you had said it about maybe the Globe Theater??? Anyway . . . sorry to steal, but it was funny!