Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oh, I forgot this was still here!

Hey, remember when I used to blog on a regular basis?  Yeah, that was a long time ago.  Well, pine for me no longer!  I'm bored and avoiding anything remotely productive and as my 3 long time readers know, that means it's time for some bullet points!  Oh, and fear not, this time my post won't be obnoxiously depressing.  Yay!
  • All of my friends at work are significantly younger than me.  I like to regale them with stories of the good ole' days when rabbit ears were a thing and Beyonce was not.
    • Things that one or more of them are not familiar with:
      • New Kids on the Block
      • Columbine
      • My So-Called Life
      • Jem and the Holograms
      • Night games
      • The significance of Waco, Texas
      • War in Sarajevo
      • Kerri friggin' Strug!
  • I sent the following text today and I'm very proud of my amusing (and grammatically incorrect) sentence craftsmanship.
    • I have to say that if you want your little fairy tale to become reality, you better get to working some of that Southern voodoo shit on R, 'cause if you wait for him to come around on his own, you'll be waiting so long your grandbabies will be having grandbabies and R will be long dead from drowning in his own self pity!
  • The mice in the garage appear to have migrated to the house.  I can tell because I can hear them scurrying around in the ceiling above me every night when I'm trying to fall asleep.  And judging by the mouse trap I found the other day that was neither baited nor set, but simply placed on the floor, I don't think anyone else is as concerned about this as I am.  But it's o.k. though, because when we all die from hantavirus, at least we'll all die together.
  •  Since we're on the subject, when I finally succumb to the hantavirus (or any other rodent-borne virus, really), my final wishes are as follows:
    • All of my books other than my cookbooks, autographed Amy Tans, books my dad wrote and the Harvard Classics, go to Amber.  The cookbooks are to be equally divided between my nieces so that they may keep up the Kull family cookbook collecting tradition.  The Amy Tan books go to them too, with the explanation that I have a thing for Asian women.  Wait, no, don't say that!  Tell them that she was one of my favorite authors, it's important for women to know who they are, they should value their relationship with their mother and any future daughters they may have, there will always be hardships in life but they'll be o.k. if they stand tall with grace and wisdom, take strength from the women around you and finally, Chinese food is delicious.  The copies of the books my dad wrote (and that are personally inscribed to his favorite child, fyi!) should go to my nephews.  The complete set of Harvard classics should be given to my cousin Becky because they were Grandpa Brown's and she understands the importance of never ever getting rid of anything family history-related.  
    • My eyeshadow palettes go to Melissa and the rest of my make-up should be given to Amber and Myrissa.
    • My doll collection should be divided between my nieces with the stipulation that at least one doll must be displayed at all times so that when they catch the doll's eyes following their every move, they'll remember that Aunt Kimmy is always watching them from above and she'll see every naughty thing they do, especially when they're teenagers.  
    • All clothing items that I borrowed from Lorri and conveniently never gave back, should be returned to her.  She also gets first dibs at my clothes and purses.  Except for the sweater I kept from my grandma's clothes-that should go to Jessie.  (Jessie:  you'll know it when you see it-it has shoulder pads, is exceedingly colorful and is from the 80's.  If in doubt, look for something something that could be a Cosby sweater.)  Oh, and the yeti coat!  The yeti coat goes to Melissa. 
    • My collection of original pieces of art goes to Matthew and Melissa.
    • My collection of oddities (doll head, witch hand, possessed clown marionette, creepy monkey, etc.) goes to Mark and Jessie.
    • Meagan gets my blue goose figure and all of my Felicity and Veronica Mars dvds.
    • Anything related to stocking the bunker goes to Casie and Bree.  They'll know what to do with it.
    • Becca gets my yoga cat sculpture with the understanding that she will never remove the cat's fancy faux-diamond necklace.
    • Bonnie gets my Buddha pillow, Alex and Ani bracelets and any phentermine that I might have left when I pass.
    • All jewelry should be divided between Jessie and Melissa with the expectation that all of Gigi's vintage costume jewelry will be kept and re-purposed as something cute and etsy-ish.
    • My wedding ring should be melted down and made into necklaces for my nieces as a reminder that:
      • Your self-worth should never be determined by any outside force or individual.
      • Sometimes you'll feel like your world is crashing down around you, but don't let that be an excuse to behave badly.
      • If you make a choice and you absolutely know in your heart that it was the right decision, don't second guess yourself if it doesn't turn out how you thought it would.  The most important lessons in life are learned through trials and experiences, not by reading a book or watching a movie.
      • Your family and friends love you, so let them help you when you're at your weakest and your burdens are heavy.  Do the same for them when they're in need.
      • You might find that there are people in your life that you love with all your heart but being around them becomes so painful that you can't function.  Even though you can't imagine your life without them, you might have to take a step back and that's o.k.  It might be temporary or it might be permanent, but if you aren't o.k. physically, mentally or spiritually, you owe it to yourself to remove yourself from the situation.  Even if they don't understand right away, some day they will.
      • When you give your heart to someone there's always the chance that it might end up broken; but wounds heal, tomorrow's a new day and giving love to another person is always a good thing.
      • If someone treats you badly it's most likely not even about you; you can't love someone if you don't love yourself.  So when you find yourself being mean to another person, check yourself and remember that words can never be unsaid.  If you're like every other person on this planet, when someone hurts you your instinct will be to hurt them back.  If you take after your Aunt Kimmy, you may find that you're really good at it too!  Just keep in mind that no matter how much you hurt them back, it will never take away your own pain.  If someone throws a ball at you and it breaks your nose, you can break every bone in their body, but you still have a broken nose.  Instead of worrying about the other person, you should probably go take care of your nose because injuries that are left untreated just get worse and worse.  Well, let's be realistic...flip the other person off first and maybe say something about their mother's exceedingly large girth and then go take care of your nose.  (Don't tell your parents I said that, though.)
Well that sure took a turn, didn't it!  I'm going to go ahead and stop now.

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Rebecca Mack said...

That was wonderfully humorous. Although I hope you stay around long enough to get more crazy and unusual items. :) also, you know what helps with mice? A kitty!