Monday, October 22, 2007

Really? With all that money???

What do you see that's kinda retarded in this picture? Wow, far too many answers for that question! Is it just me, or is that Body Fantasies body spray next to the Marlboro Menthol Lights? I can't believe that with all the money she has, Britney Spears uses that. Isn't that stuff like three bucks at ShopKo? I guess she has been spotted at Rite Aid quite a bit lately. She must've picked it up there. I guess if you're snorting and/or smoking and/or drinking away all your money, Body Fantasies just has to do sometimes. Let this be a lesson, children. Don't do drugs or you'll have to buy drug store perfume instead of Hanae Mori.


Wendy said...

you freakin' crack me up. how did you even notice that?

Kim said...

Boredom makes you spot things like that.