Sunday, October 28, 2007

What happens in Wendover stays in Wendover.

One of my co-workers decided that a bunch of us should get together and catch the "Fun Bus" to Wendover last Friday. Here are the high/low points of the evening.

-Apparently not all buses to Wendover are "Fun Buses." Ours was the "Geriatric Hispanic Couples Bus" mixed with a little "Crap, It's the End of the Month and I spent the Rent Money on Crack, Better go to Wendover Bus."

-Buffets in Wendover are not equal to the buffets in Vegas. This one did have a chocolate fountain, though, which I have yet to see in Vegas. It got major points for that one feature.

-Whenever you are supposed to be somewhere to be on a bus at a certain time, expect half of your party to not get there on time and therefore miss the bus. Four of our people ended up driving to Wendover and missed playing Bingo with our 75 year old tour guide type person.

-The Munsters nickel slot game rules! It plays cool music and has sweet bonus games.

-A virgin pina colada in a casino in Wendover is not the same as a virgin pina colada at Chili's. I guess the rum is supposed to be the dominant flavor, so when you take that away, you just have water with a little pineapple and coconut flavoring. Oh well, it was free I can't complain too much.

-We found really comfy purple chairs to sit in in one of the lounge areas. They were great. I want one.

-Co-workers who are pretty darn cool at work, are sooooooo much cooler outside of work!

-I kinda suck at video poker, but it entertained me for a long time, so it's all good.

-Don't take your shoes off on the bus if you have really stinky feet. I didn't do it-some unknown person did on the way home and everyone almost died on the way home.

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