Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Cupcake

A great new shop, So Cupcake, just opened by my place of employment. Technically, the grand opening isn't until tomorrow, but we've already been there three times. They specialize in . . . you guessed it, cupcakes! They have mini and regular sized, and as a favor to my numerous blog readers, I have taken it upon myself to try almost all of the different flavors. I love the cinnamon and sugar, red velvet, blueberry and carrot cake flavors. The strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter are good too, and I haven't tried the lemon or brownie cake yet. Lemon is Cathy's favorite so we keep going back hoping to get that flavor but we keep missing it. We have been assured that they will have lemon tomorrow though. So if you happen to be in the the area tomorrow (39th South and Highland), make sure you stop by-they'll be giving out free mini cupcakes to celebrate their opening.

Cathy without a lemon cupcake.

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Leah J said...

Let me guess this store is where Dak's Cafe and the Mexican place use to be? Why can't any establishment last more than 3 months in that location? At least with cupcakes it has a fighting chance. Glad it wasn't there while I was working at WEX, though now I am tempted to stop by for a lemon cupcake!