Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pizzeria Seven Twelve

Last week I went to Pizzeria Seven Twelve with the fam. Since we had never been there before, we decided to try several different things:

Braised beef shortribs, with anson mills polenta and horseradish cream. I realize that appetizers are supposed to be small, but this was basically one shortrib on a bed of polenta. It was really yummy though. This was probably my favorite dish so it would have been really nice if we had been able to have had more than one bite each.

Another appetizer (or maybe it was a salad) that isn't on their online menu, but had sweet potatoes, pecans, and greens (or as I like to call them, weeds). This one was really good too. I highly recommend it. This might actually be the first salad on the menu, with the squash, but I don't think so.

Roasted beets, house made ricotta, endive, walnuts, tarragon. Mmmm, beets. I had never in my life had beets until I went to Vegas a month and a half ago, but now I love them. They taste like dirt, but in a good way.

There was another salad too that doesn't appear to be on the online menu. It had blue cheese in it I think. It was good too. It had weeds in it also. Maybe I'm confused about the salads and what is and is not on the menu. Oh well. I would venture to say that you could pick anything on the menu and it would probably be tasty.

Pizza with roasted fennel, house made sausage and mozzarella. Very tasty, but its deliciousness was slightly dampered by Mark remarking that the roasted fennel looked like dead bugs.

Pizza with speck, soppressata, garlic and mozzarella. I think we all liked this pizza the best. Speck is a kind of prosciutto, and sopressatta is salami type sausage.

So, all the food was delicious, but I think Mark was a little disappointed because he was expecting more of a typical pizza place, and this was a fancy schmancy pizza place with ingredients we had never heard of. He may have been happier staying home with a frozen Totino's. Also, other than the pizzas, the portion sizes are really small. Don't think that you can order just a salad and have that be your meal. Actually, maybe you're a size two and you can actually do that. If so, good for you and I hope you choke on a mouthful of beets!

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