Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last night for a little FHE treat, Lorri and I made Glazed Carmelized Roasted Banana Bread Drop Doughnuts. Or, as I like to call them, little banana fritter things. They were delicious. Here's a link to some pictures. (Not my pictures though, as I don't really see the point in taking my own pictures when I can just link to someone else's.) As you know, I have issues with following directions; I view recipes as a jumping off point for experimentation. Here's what we did differently than the actual recipe:
  • We didn't use cinnamon chips. This was mainly just because I couldn't find any at the store. Next time if I don't use the chips, I think I'll dust the finished doughnuts with cinnamon or cinnamon sugar.
  • Lorri was in charge of roasting the bananas and she used probably three times as much butter and brown sugar. Lorri would not be Lorri without massive amounts of butter and sugar. This made the batter more moist (and flavorful) than it would have been otherwise, which made the doughnuts more fritter shaped than doughnut hole shaped.
  • Instead of milk in the glaze, we used heavy cream that was left over from the batter part.
  • We also ended up needing about one and a half times the amount of glaze the recipe called for. I think if you just make sure the doughnuts are cooled off when you dip them, they won't soak up as much glaze and you'll be fine with a single recipe's worth, though.

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