Monday, August 16, 2010

Q of the Day

Q: What amendments should be made to the U.S. Constitution?
A: O.k., so I feel like admitting this may possibly qualify me for an appearance on the Jaywalking segment of The Tonight Show, but I'm not entirely sure of what an amendment is. I mean I know they give us the right to free speech, to bear arms, provide a limit for Presidential terms, etc., etc., but I don't know what would qualify something to be an amendment to the Constitution as opposed to being a federal law. So instead of listing what amendments I would like to see made, I'm just going to list what laws/things I would like to see enacted. Some of these may qualify for amendment status, who knows. And yes, I know some of these would require lots of money and are not in any way realistic.
  • Legalize gay marriage.
  • Harsher penalties for people who abuse animals and children.
  • A ban on inhumane factory farming.
  • Rehab instead of jail time for first and second time drug offenses. (Unless they're trafficking or cooking meth or something like that.) And not the Lindsay Lohan version of rehab!
  • A complete revamp of the public school system.
  • Get rid of Monsanto and other like companies.
  • Ban reality t.v. unless it's educational. (Yes, I know I watch it and I'm a hypocrite!)
  • Make every student in junior high and high school do a challenge day.
Alright, those are just a few. Basically I would just like for people to not be jerks and not do mean things.

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