Thursday, August 12, 2010

Table Topics

I was discussing blogging with some friends last night and realized that everyone likes something different and I can't please everyone. What Emily liked, Betsy didn't like and vice versa. I also realized that I've run out of things to blog about. Fortunately, I then remembered that a year ago I bought Table Topics and the cards are perfect blogging prompts. So here's the deal: I'm going to answer a question each day (theoretically) and it would be awesome if everyone would answer the question in the comments section too, so that we can all get to know each other better. Here goes:

Q of the Day: What kind of business would you love to start?
In a dream world, I would like to be a writer and start a multi-media empire in which I write wildly successful books, movies, tv shows, etc. However, in the world of reality I realize that probably won't happen, so my more realistic dream business is a catering company. I love to cook but I also want the flexibility that you don't get from being a chef in a restaurant. Catering would be a ton of hard work, but I think it would also be really rewarding. I just want to do something creative. I don't get near enough creativity in my every day life. Plus, I've also been told I'm good with my hands. Hehehe. (In case you couldn't tell, that was a lecherous hehehe!)


Traci said...

i say it is your about the things that you like to blog about and dont worry whether one person will like or another won't like it. do the blog for you.

on to the table topics. cute idea. ;)

if i could start a business...mine would be some sort of place for kids, homeless, teenagers, juvenile delinquents - i haven't thought much about it - but somewhere where one of those groups or all of those groups could come and learn - get on their feet - somehow get ppl on their way to a better life.

then i got thinking - that probably isnt a business. but that's my answer.

Cary said...

EWW! My mom bought table topics a year ago and makes us all answer one of those cards at each holiday feast. We always pretend our cards say, "Name a time when your mom made you do something really stupid or boring," or something similar and then make fun of her table talk card game. Don't make me do that to you.

Andrea said...

Question first-- where did you get the Table Topic cards? I like the idea- I am the same way sometime I do not know what to write about.
(guess I could steal your questions.. hehe)
To answer the question- I would start a build your own wedding/part planning business. I would give them options as to how much they want to use through me (cake decorating, photography, decorations, etc) So it can be all inclusive or only a few things...
that or a bakery

Anonymous said...

I would start a bakery...I know...not something that you thought I would say. I love watching all the cake shows and seeing all the new recipes that the bakers develop. I would like that...oh and a house cleaning service were the maids are men who are all good looking and buff. I would make a killing! *Erin*