Thursday, August 9, 2012

latest obsessions

  • Awkward.
  • Hallmark Movie Channel
  • Olympic drama
  • middle-aged lesbians 
  • Fourth-Place Medal
  • fortune cookies
  • reading books actually printed on paper


Unknown said...

Need more information on #1 and #4. I totally agree with #5, but then people will start to say that we need a tin medal for 5th place. What would you suggest for the 4th place medal?

#1 - Do you mean saying the word "awkward", or engaging in awkward moments?

#4 - ?

Kim said...

I knew I should have made links out of some of these! "Awkward." is a tv show on MTV that I just discovered. Fourth-Place Medal is Yahoo's Olympics blog-they do fun articles. As for number 4, I've been listening to a lot of Melissa Etheridge and Indigo Girls lately. So . . . who is this? I hate it when people leave comments and don't say who they are!

wch said...

It was me, your cousin Wendy - but weird that it says unkown because I logged in when I left the comment.

Kim said...

That is weird-it's like it created a profile for you. If you click on Unknown (which I did because usually it says anonymous, so I thought maybe someone was being clever with their screen name) it goes to a profile that hasn't been filled out.