Thursday, November 29, 2012

That Little B*tch

The tooth that I had the root canal on today has now officially been dubbed "That Little B*tch."  Why, you may ask?  Don't worry, I shall tell you!  Not only did it have hook-ended roots, but the roots were also abnormally long, which meant that it was really hard to get it numb.  Do you see where this story is headed?  It's headed towards PAIN!  The fancy dentist told me about my root problem and then conveniently added that for $55 extra I could get nitrous.  I figured they were just trying to get more money out of me, but let it be known that I will never turn down something that will make a root canal slightly more pleasant.  It turned out to be a very wise investment.  Even with the nitrous and the initial numbing of the tooth, I nearly jumped out of the chair when he started drilling.  Given the shooting pain, he said we were going to move on to Plan B.  Plan B turned out to be him telling me to suck in hard on the nitrous while he hurriedly drilled through the tooth so that he could shoot extra anesthetic into the inside of the tooth.  I was not happy at this point, but then they upped the dose on the nitrous and I was ok after that.  So that is why my tooth shall now be referred to as That Little B*tch. 

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Traci said...

This is a horrid dental experience. Seriously. Just reading this makes my teeth hurt.