Tuesday, November 6, 2012

today's useless information

  • As excited I am for this election to be over (I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it doesn't drag on for days and days), I'm really going to miss purposely trying to rile people up with my responses to their political posts on Facebook.
  • Speaking of the election, I am glued to the tv watching the results and it's giving me major panic attacks.  I don't want to miss anything by going to the kitchen and making something to eat so I ordered pizza.  If only I could add a couple of Xanax on to my order, life would be good.
  • I recently signed up for Couchsurfing and I'm super excited about it.  I love the idea of having people come to stay from all over.  I am operating under the assumption that a.) someone actually wants to come here and b.) they won't be psychotic and kill me.
  • I have stopped doing my hair.  I've discovered that because I have awesomely fabulous hair, if I use special shampoo and let it air dry, it goes all curly.  Fortunately, it's more like this:
 than this:

  • My car still has not been found.  Or at least I have not heard anything from the police.  For all I know, they found it a week ago and just never called me.
  • I keep meaning to post this link but haven't yet.  In honor of election night, here ya go . . .  Which Romney Son is Creepiest? 

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