Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This is what I had for dinner tonight-macaroni and cheese made with powdered coffee creamer that expired in 2009* and boiled shrimp.  There were also some chocolate chips, but I ate them before I took the picture.  Jealous?

*I didn't have milk.


Traci said...


Julie Anderson said...

At the risk of sounding stalkeriffic, I have to tell you again how incredibly funny you are!

I also love your proper grammar, sophisticated vocabulary and unparalled wit!

Still peeing my pants at every post,
Julie :)

Kim said...

Is it sad that the thing that made me happiest about your comment is that you complimented my grammar? My 8th grade English teacher, who hated me and thought I was a moron, is probably rolling over in his grave right now. Suck it, Mr. J!

Also, I love a good stalker, so keep up the good work! If you like, I would be more than happy to send you a lock of hair or some of my trash. Just let me know . . . :)