Saturday, December 13, 2008

My apologies

I've been slacking with the posts again. In my defense, it was the last week of classes and I have finals coming up, so I've been just a tad bit busy. Actually, not as busy as I should be because I decided like a month ago that I was done with this semester and I didn't want to put forth any more effort. That's kind of the story of my life-unless I really love something, I tend to only put forth enough effort to get by. I am most definitely not a perfectionist or a go-getter. Mainly because I just don't care enough. I'm really glad there are perfectionists and go-getters out there though, because otherwise nothing would ever get done. So hats off to you guys. Thanks for enabling my slackerness.

None of that was the point of this post. The point of this post is that I subscribe to lots of blogs. No, really . . . lots and lots of blogs. Like possibly a couple of hundred. Don't you dare judge me-I fully admit I have no life. So I thought I would share some of the joy with you and post a couple of links here and there. My requirements for blogs that I read are that they must contain either pretty pictures, recipes, funnies, celebrity gossip, or be written by people I know. Here are the feeds for today. Just go ahead and subscribe. You know you want to.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the content of these blogs. Well, other than the fact that I like them and recommended them. But if you read something you disagree with or that offends you, don't come crying to me.

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