Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Um . . .

I didn't realize exactly how many blog posts there were and how long it would take to go onto each one and label it, so don't be expecting all this labeling to be done for a while. Like for at least a few weeks. And it's kind of hard to decide on categories. Do I just do a general category of celebrities or do I need to have separate ones for Shia and Zac Efron? Or maybe one for general celebrities and one for hotties? Obviously I gave New Kids on the Block their own category instead of just putting them under music, but that was a given. And why am I even bothering with this labeling thing anyway? I was just going to do recipes so that I could find things easier, but then it got out of control. I realize I'm only doing this to avoid studying for finals, but now that I've started, it's become an obsession and I can't stop.

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