Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Summary

  • I really hope my next batch of Primary kids have fun prayers like these kids do. Today's closing prayer included the following: "Please bless that we'll be good and not yucky. Be in heaven, Father of God. Bless the food. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
  • I'm pretty sure that people should stick with the traditional Mormon child spacing of every two years. It creates problems when you have children closer together because then they sit in the rows in front of and in back of each other in Sharing Time and basically harass each other the entire time. For example, one of my kids was wearing a hooded sweater today and his brother, who was sitting behind him, decided to pull on the hood and strangle him. I didn't actually see this happen; I heard the choking noises and apparently another teacher ran up from a couple rows back to stop him. Perhaps I would have noticed it if I hadn't been distracted by another pair of siblings who were trying to force each other to smell their feet.
  • We received our ward photo directory today and a miracle has occurred . . . an actual Christmas miracle . . . my picture is quite good (relatively speaking). Let us take a moment now and thank the Lord for this generous gift.


Traci said...

that prayer was hilarious. please be in heaven father of god. and it's always a great idea to get extra blessings on the food - especially before it even arrives.

kids are hilarious.

loved the choking story and smelling each other's feet.

great job on the great pic.

paul & ashlee said...

you are hilarious...when do you want to come over and have some apple/raspberry tart? check your calendars!

Shareen said...

You have done it once again..I am peeing my pants laughing! Not to mention that it does hit close to home... 8,7,5,3,and 2 hehe although its amazing what my evil eye can do:)