Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Week Highlights

  • On Christmas morning, despite the new bike and dollhouse, Ashley appeared most excited about her new Cinderella toothbrush.
  • Sariah spent the morning in her new Care Bears apron, playing with her toy vacuum. All she needed was a pair of high heels and an oppressive husband and she would have made a perfect 50's housewife.
  • I got Arrested Development on DVD. I'm pretty sure everyone needs to come over and watch it with me.
  • My aunt and uncle came in from Baltimore for a week. They always stay with my Grandma, who also lives in the area. On Christmas morning, my aunt was so excited to get over here that she was up at 3:30. They ended up getting here early and waking everyone up.
  • I was most excited that I had people to cook for. I spent most of last week cooking and baking and I was in heaven.
  • This was the first year I've gotten to be part of the whole Santa/putting toys together/staying up late thing. It was fun.
  • Ashley and I made and decorated cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. We had a great time. Her excitement officially melted my Grinchy heart, just in time for Christmas.
  • On Christmas Day we were supposed to get a huge snowstorm. It was supposed to be one to tell the grandkids about. I think we got about an inch. Apparently it hit all around us, but missed Orem. I was not pleased.
  • Some friends of the family came over on Saturday and they have some kind of special water filter that apparently makes your water magic. I'm going to start drinking their water and see if it makes me special in any way. They all looked exceedingly healthy, so keep your fingers crossed. I'll let you know if the magic elixir works.

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