Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Summary and Other Stuff

  • During Sharing Time there was this big, elaborate presentation about how we're walking along this sidewalk between school (Earth) and home (Heaven). As we walk along, we come to a puddle (physical death) that we use a bridge (resurrection) to cross over. Then we come to another puddle (spiritual death) that has another bridge (Atonement), but this one is more of a toll bridge and you have to pay to cross (by going to church, pray, etc.). Well, in case you didn't know, kids take things pretty literally, and they couldn't figure out why we were using a bridge to cross a puddle. Some of their comments were: "Why don't you just step over it?" "Why can't you just go around it?" "Why don't you just jump over it?" Finally the Primary lady compared it to more of a lake or an ocean instead of a puddle. Then it became "Well, why don't you just swim across?" "Is it really deep like a well?" I think they were also caught up on the whole paying to get across thing because then one kid said something about borrowing some money to get across. Finally, one little kid compared the puddle to a giant mudhole and that's why you can't just go around or swim across it, and then I guess everyone got it. The whole gospel analogy apparently went waaaay over their heads though.
  • Classes changed at the new year and I now teach the 6/7 year olds. I thought no class could be more hyper than my last class. I was wrong.
  • I'm really trying to have a better attitude about Primary. For example, whenever I'm feeling depressed about being single and childless, I think of Primary, and then I find myself immensely grateful for my single, childless state. Primary really has helped me count my blessings!
  • School starts again tomorrow. I'm hoping it will provide me with something to blog about. With the lack of school and t.v. shows these last couple weeks, I really haven't had much to talk about.
  • Speaking of t.v., Gossip Girl, aka The Best Friggin' Show Ever (other than Arrested Development), is back tomorrow! Oh, Chuck Bass, how I've missed you! I've decided that instead of being embarassed that I watch mindless, skanky shows like Gossip Girl, I'm just going to embrace it, so expect to be hearing more about GG, Grey's, and Private Practice. You might as well just watch along with me. You know you want to.


Traci said...

Yeah you're back!!! I've been wondering where on earth did you go?! I even clicked on your blog - from my reader to make sure my reader wasn't messed up. But my reader wasn't messed up - you just haven't blogged in a really long time! Get back on the blogging bandwagon, girl! ;)

Kim said...

I haven't had anything to blog about! I keep trying to come up with stuff, but it just ends up sounding lame. Even my Christmas highlights were kinda lame, but I felt bad about not blogging for so long. I need some inspiration!