Tuesday, April 7, 2009

good day

Lorri and I spent the day in Salt Lake today and we had tons of fun and ate waaaaay too much. We went to lunch at the best deli ever, Caputo's. I get The Caputo every time and I seriously have dreams about it's deliciousness. I'm pretty sure I could live on it. After that we went to my favorite non-chain bookstore, The Golden Braid. It's this great new-agey place that just makes you want to burn some incense and chant or something. They have a used-book section, so I picked out several books. Next, we had to run up to the U of U Hospital for an appointment for Lorri's daughter, Cortni. Everything went well with that, thankfully, so to celebrate we (of course) went shopping. Because I am currently poor, it was not as fun as usual. I only spent like five bucks at World Market. Believe me, that is a miracle. I also picked up some jeans and flip-flops at Old Navy. I don't really consider that "fun" shopping though, because I really needed the flip-flops. When I was getting rid of a bunch of stuff after getting back from Peru, I got rid of all but two pairs, one of which has now broken. I can't survive the summer without my flip-flops. See, this is what happens when you get rid of stuff-you just end up needing it again and have to go buy new ones. I think I've decided to just be a hoarder like that one crazy lady on Oprah. I'm pretty sure she never ran out of flip-flops. After being worn out by excessive (except not really) shopping, we decided it was time to eat again. Because we're high class like that, we went to Sweet Tomatoes. I love their chicken noodle soup. Apart from mine, it's some of the best stuff on the planet. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves (actually, just Lorri), we headed to another CA meeting at Journey. We saw quite a few familiar faces, including this guy who Lorri used to date who purred like a cat when they were making out. Seriously. Obviously, it did not work out between them. So, all in all, it was a pretty fun day.

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Bark said...

Thanks for celebrating my birthday even though I wasn't there!