Friday, April 10, 2009

I hate it when . . .

1. It's time to start wearing flip flops again, but over the winter my toe muscles have declined into nothingness, thus causing not only my toes but also the front of my calves to scream in agony from trying to keep the stupid things on my feet. The fact that I can no longer walk like a normal person is probably an indication that I should have eased my feet in before wearing them all day at school.

2. I leave comments on Facebook and then realize two days later that half the comment doesn't make sense. For example, the following comment regarding the death of my cousin's stove whilst attempting to boil eggs:
  • "I love that everyone else is concerned about getting you meals and a new stove, whereas I am focused on the fact that you attempted to celebrate a holiday. What happened to our twin stance on holiday decorating at Christmastime? Maybe the dead stove is an indicatotion, or, perhaps, a punishment, for celebrating easter. Just something to think on. :)"
Um . . . what? I know I like to make up words, but indicatotion? Really? I also hate that after I saw it, I had to a.) leave another comment explaining that I noticed my previous error and I'm not really stupid and b.) blog about it just to make sure that she really and truly knows that I know that that sentence made no sense. And had a spelling error. And Easter was not capitalized. And Christmastime probably shouldn't have been one word.

That's all.

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