Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

It would only make sense that the people who follow my blog would, much like myself, be complete slackers, so everyone who put forth the effort to leave me a comment wins something. Those of you who I know read my blog, but did not put forth the effort get nothing. Nada. Zip. No prize for you!

That kind of feels like a cop out, but really, that's a whole lot more prize-worthy crap I have to come up with, so it really isn't. Those of you who live in the area will get your shiz shortly; Traci and Melissa, I will personally deliver your prizes to Vegas in about two weeks; and Erin, yours will be in the mail at some point in time.

I also wanted to respond to a couple of comments . . . Melissa-sometimes you have to demand what you want/need, and Whitney-I'm pretty sure Donny's arms could solve the crisis in the Middle East.


Traci said...

You are TOO generous. Thank you Thank you. Your faithful readers - like me - are excited to be the recipients of your giveaway! ;)

Do I get an extra special giveaway gift for being the first to give my thanks in a comment on your blog!? haha jk.

Also - on a completely different and completely unrelated and unsolicated note - have you ever watched Desperate Housewives??? SERIOUSLY. Lifetime started playing season 1 a couple weeks ago - and I watched nearly every episode. Today started season 2. Lifetime rocks. Desperate Housewives rocks even more. Check. It. Out. (Note my use of periods - adds emphasis) ;)

Kim said...

Your extra special gift is the gift that is ME, bringing your package right to your front door! :)

I haven't seen Desperate Housewives. I guess I haven't been desperate enough yet! Muahahahaha! I'll make a dealio with you-you start watching Gossip Girl aka The Best Show Ever, and I'll think about watching Desperate Housewives.

Erin said... don't send me anything...being your cousin is enough!!! NKOTB Forever.

Kim said...

Lol! Yeah, I probably wouldn't have anyway because I'm lazy. I would have just put it off until we both forgot about it, and then called it good. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right!