Thursday, March 11, 2010

Georgia Day 1

My dad and I flew to Georgia this morning for my cousin Erin's wedding. When we arrived at the airport and tried to check in, I learned that since my last flight, I have somehow managed to earn a spot on the no-fly list. Yeah. We had to go to a special line to check in and I had to go through a rigorous process of verifying my identity (meaning that I had to verify my date of birth). The lady at the counter told me the next time I book a flight I should use my middle initial. Unfortunately, I have no middle name. Maybe all common and generic names are put on the list or something, I don't know. At dinner we all decided that I should go ahead and give myself a middle name, and that it should be Hussein, because what are they gonna do-put me on the no-fly list? Oh that's right, they already did.

Anyway, we finally made it to Georgia and met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousins for some good ole southern BBQ. It was great to see everyone and it's great to be down here. The last time I was in Georgia was like 1992. My hair apparently has missed the humidity since the moment I stepped off the plane (not even out of the airport, mind you), it immediately started to frizz. I think it and my skin have just been soaking up every bit of moisture they can. Ahh, the joys of living in the desert!

I also decided that since my mom is from North Carolina, I am only half Yankee, and therefore I have the right to freely use the word y'all, and to discuss, with righteous indignation, the war of northern aggression. It is my birth right.

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