Monday, March 15, 2010

Tom's Shoes

Have you heard about Tom's Shoes? For every pair of shoes you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need in a developing country. According to the website:

Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk:

  • A leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare feet. Wearing shoes can help prevent these diseases, and the long-term physical and cognitive harm they cause.
  • Wearing shoes also prevents feet from getting cuts and sores. Not only are these injuries painful, they also are dangerous when wounds become infected.
  • Many times children can't attend school barefoot because shoes are a required part of their uniform. If they don't have shoes, they don't go to school. If they don't receive an education, they don't have the opportunity to realize their potential.
I got these ones:
I know the shoes are a little pricey, but honestly, I would rather pay more and know that my money is helping a child in need, instead of just getting a cheap pair of shoes.

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