Monday, March 15, 2010

Georgia Day 3

Saturday was the big day-Erin was finally getting married!!! Other than a last minute run to the Rite Aid to try to find some products to deal with the humidity (It wasn't an afro, and I'm not Jewish, so it wasn't a Jewfro, so maybe I'll call my situation a MoFro.), we didn't do much except get ready for the wedding. Everyone looked great-the bride was gorgeous, the bridesmaids looked fabulous in their dresses, and the mother of the bride looked beautiful. The guys looked good too, but you can't really say much about a tux. I did manage to light the memory candle without tripping along the way or knocking the candle over and burning down the church. I was quite proud of myself. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and after pictures, we headed out to the reception site. This is when things started to go terribly wrong. So remember how I'm vegan? And remember how I said I was taking a break this weekend, and just eating what was available? Yeah, well that ended up not going so well. On the way out to the reception, my stomach started to feel not so great. I downed a couple of stomach pills, hoping that would help, but unfortunately, it didn't. Shortly before we started eating (the reception food was delicious, btw), the pain started to really hit. I took another pill, praying that they would start to kick in, but after a little while, I realized that was just not happening. I wanted to stay to see Erin and Jon off, but I only lasted through the toasts, cake cutting, and first dance, and then I had to hurry and say good-byes (It's possible I got teary eyed each time I hugged someone good-bye.) and get out of there. I was seriously dying the whole drive back to the hotel. I've cheated and eaten non-vegan a couple of times before and had a pretty bad upset stomach, but this far and away put those moments to shame. I'll spare you the details, but I will say that there was internal intestinal bleeding involved, and that is why I will never eat meat again. Never ever ever. Never.

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Traci said...

wow. sounds like a great wedding, but a not so great experience being a non-vegan . yikes. sounds painful.