Tuesday, March 9, 2010

today's highlights

1. I finally got my dress for my cousin's wedding. Also got a little black shrug to wear with it and black heels. I'm not entirely sure about the shoes, but at this point I've already started breaking them in and I just can't be bothered to find shoes that will not only match a little bit better, but that also come in my size and are actually at the store and don't have to be ordered. (I have big feet-size 11. Oprah wears 11 too. And so does Paris Hilton, but she doesn't get to be in my big foot club because well, she's Paris Hilton.)

2. I watched yesterday's episode of Kell on Earth and loved that Kelly and Andrew crashed Tandrew's blind date. If you aren't watching this show, you need to be. Not getting Bravo is no excuse-they put the episodes online.

3. While I was in Vegas over the weekend (don't you love how I just threw that in there, nonchalantly, like I'm this world traveler and have this fabulous life!), I stopped at Trader Joe's because they have a great vegan selection. One of the things I got was a Vegetable Panang Curry (third item down), which I ate today. It was so good. So good. BTW, Trader Joe's needs to be opening up a store somewhere along the Wasatch Front ASAP. If you can open stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota, surely you can branch out into Utah.

4. This actually occurred last night, but I'm still riding the high from it . . . Gossip Girl is finally back after an exceedingly long hiatus!!! And if Gossip Girl's back, that means Daily Intel's Gossip Girl Recap is also back!!!

5. Even more sassiness!!!!

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