Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've decided I need to be more crafty. I used to be slightly crafty. After reading people's blogs, it has now become imperative that I, at the very least, own the tools with which to be crafty. Alright, I'll be honest, I just want to buy the stuff. I want all the pretty ribbon and stickers and doodads. And then I want someone to make me things with them. When I say someone, that doesn't necessarily exclude me, but it doesn't necessarily include me either. I want to have Craftiness Parties during which goodies are eaten, chit-chat is had, and items are crafted, but I don't think anyone I know still does any of that stuff (crafts, not eating and chit-chat). We should all probably start again. Think of the pictures that have yet to be cropped and glued. Hmmm . . . just saying that kinda made me cringe a little bit. I think maybe I'm done with scrapbooking and am ready for something else in the craft world. Maybe the best way to decide is to go buy different things and play around with them. Or just look at them for a while and then pack them away with the scrapbooking stuff, where they'll make reappearances every once in a while, then eventually never been seen again.

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