Thursday, March 20, 2008


Before I went off on my little tangent yesterday and had to step away from the computer, I had other little things to add to the list. Here they are.

6. You know that scene in "Independence Day" where Vivica A. Fox is in the tunnel with her little boy and her dog and the big fire ball is coming? It doesn't matter how many times I watch the movie, I tense up every time and shriek at her to get the dog, get the dog!

7. I find Marilyn Manson oddly attractive.

8. I think Oprah could be the Antichrist. I'm not saying she is, I'm just saying it would be a good front. Think about it. No one would ever suspect her, and she has influence like very few people do. If she said to tattoo 666 on your forehead, I'm pretty sure a large chunk of the population would do it. Now that being said, I must admit that I do record her show every day, and if it's a good one, which happens every other week or so, I will watch it. And yes, I did watch the Osmond reunion show. Twice actually, but the second time only because my mom doesn't know how to work the remote control.

9. I have a testimony of Hamburger Helper. I am a firm believer in it. I find it to be inexpensive and delicious. If you add stuff to it you can even make it semi-nutritious.

10. I want to learn to do the following: garden and plant a real garden that I actually follow through with and don't kill, preserve the fruits of the harvest (my harvest and the harvest in general), play the violin, speak a new language, sew, quilt, use Photoshop, and figure out how to do genealogy for non-LDS people in Norway and Yugoslavia/Croatia.

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Marianne said...

Kim, you are TOO funny! And I can honestly say that reading your blog doesn't make me feel stressed out that I don't have one, so I might even come here periodically to see what you have to promises, but we'll see. Thanks for brightening my day.