Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The neti has landed

I think my sinuses have all sorts of strange and wondrous things growing and/or lodged inside of them. I have had an alternately stuffy and runny nose for like the last three years. I sneeze all the time, especially at work, because I sit right under a vent that I think blows nothing but air filled with dust and particles of I don't want to know what, all over me. I think the girl who sits on one side of my cubicle secretly wishes I would die every time I sneeze. She doesn't like noise, you see, and I sneeze all day long, always in sets of three. So I bought a neti pot because Dr. Oz said on Oprah that it's supposed to clear up your sinuses like magic, and you know that if it was on Oprah, it must be true, right, James Frey! I guess we'll see if Dr. Oz is right. I don't know yet if I'll subject you to pictures of me pouring water through my nose. Here is a picture of the exact neti pot that I am now the proud owner of:


Traci said...

You'll definitely have to post an update to this and let us know how it went - spare no details and pics would be hilarious. ;) A Nasal Cleansing Pot, huh. Interesting. Dr. Oz better know what he's talking about.

Patti Thompson said...

Hi Kim....glad to read your hilarious writing again. I was feeling gipped with all your YouTube posts. I have seen the Oprah with Dr. Oz and the Nasal Cleasing Pot. I would love to know if it worked and exactly what position you are in to be able to pour something up your nose.
Patti Thompson