Friday, January 25, 2008

My little Lizzie-kins

Little Miss Lizzie likes to hop up on my bed and lie with her head on my pillow. She won't do this when I'm in the room though. She waits until I leave, but I leave the the light on and the door open so she knows I'm coming back, then she jumps up there. When I walk back in and see her there, she looks at me with delight and wags her tail furiously as though she has just performed an amazing trick. This picture is after the furious tail wagging, and now she's just looking at me like I need to leave her the heck alone. And before you ask . . . yes, my bed is always unmade like that and yes, having a dog in your bed is unsanitary. Get over it. I also feel compelled to point out the fact that there are three different pillowcases in use here.

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