Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Traci and Carson

This is a picture of my friend, Traci, and her baby boy, Carson. My trip to Vegas earlier this month was to go to the baby blessing. Traci and I were roommates in the dorms our Freshmen year, and then a couple years later we lived together again. Traci has seen my yucky side (remember when the power went out and you guys were all singing in the next room?) and is still friends with me!!! She also rescued me when I rolled over in bed and popped something in my neck. Our rooms shared a wall, so I had to pound on the wall really early in the morning to wake her up because I couldn't get up by myself. The second time we were roommates she was studying for the LSAT and I was just not going to class, so we would watch TLC all day. I have many fond memories of "A Baby Story," "A Wedding Story," and I think "A Dating Story." Ahh . . . good times skipping class and watching t.v.!

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Traci said...

LOL, yes fond memories. It was great to see you in Vegas, thanks for coming!!!