Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gratitude List

I've been sick lately and feeling pretty crappy, which always brings me down. To combat the pity party, I like to do a gratitude list every day. I usually stop when I'm feeling better, but I really should just keep going. It's kind of like praying-it's easy to remember to pray when things aren't going well, but it isn't always easy to remember when things are good. So anyway, I thought I would share today's gratitude list with everyone (meaning the two or three of you who read my blog!). Most, if not all of the things on my lists are little things, since they're the easiest things to overlook.

1. Comfortable pillows that support your head and neck just right.
2. Good conditioner
3. Refrigerated water
4. Tennis shoes
5. Fun, colorful socks
6. New Kids on the Block (don't hate, participate!)
7. Clearance sales at Old Navy
8. Siblings who I actually enjoy spending time with.
9. Aveeno lotion
10. Sweats
11. Going to bed early
12. Nephi and his goodly parents
13. Inspiring music
14. Fun post-its and notepads
15. Hair bands that wrap around my pony tail a perfect four times. (a little OCD coming out!)
16. Quiet
17. Books
18. Friends I know I can always count on.
19. Big purses to hold all the stuff I think I can't live without.
20. Perfume
21. Amanda Bynes
22. Waking up before my alarm goes off
23. Pretty eyeshadow
24. Children in general
25. Email forwards
26. Good pizza
27. Modern medicine
28. Good examples
29. Genealogy
30. Knowing the truth
31. Keeping in touch with old friends
32. Seeing the blogs of people who I went to high school with, but was not friends with, and being happy that they're happy, instead of bitter because they were popular and I wasn't.
33. Being an adult
34. Wheat
35. Having President Hinckley be the prophet for most of my growing up years.
36. People who use their talents
37. Museums
38. Clean clothes
39. Green olives stuffed with anchovies
40. Old photographs
41. Dwight from "The Office"
42. Closed-toed shoes in the winter so I don't have to paint my toenails
43. PBS
44. Being able to put on my make-up in five minutes or less
45. Older Disney movies
46. Calendars with pretty pictures
47. Laura Ingalls Wilder
48. Dental floss
49. Colored pencils
50. 100 Calorie Packs of Cheetos Asteroids


That's How I Roll! said...
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That's How I Roll! said...'s Erin...why are you grateful for Amanda Bynes?

Kim said...

Because she makes movies that make me laugh hysterically, but aren't rated R. Have you seen She's the Man? It's only one of the greatest movies ever. Seriously.

Rebecca said...

You still watch New Kids on the Block? I am impressed with the longevity of your interest.

Kim said...

There have been rumors lately of a reunion tour. I shiver with anticipation . . .